LaserMat® II


Description: The LaserMat® II is the technology leader in CO2 cutting systems for cutting large format steel plates. Perfect for simple vertical cuts, bevel cuts, and marking. The LaserMat® II excels in high positioning speeds and accuracy because of its rigid construction and linear guides. It also makes it possible to process plates 4.8' to 39.4' (3m x 12m) in one operation.

In contrast to a fiber laser system, with a CO2 laser a full enclosure is not necessary. The        on-board laser beam protection hood guarantees laser safety and makes access for loading    and unloading during the cutting operation.


LaserMat® II

The advantages

  • Large area processing with the CO2 Laser: on-board resonator
  • Working widths up to 4500 mm, working lengths up to 50 m
  • Beam path length compensation guarantees the highest cut quality over the entire working area
  • On-board laser protection hood (Laser protection class 1) permits direct crane loading even with large special formats or parts.
  • Atotal enclosure, as required for fibre lasers, is not necessary
  • Highly dynamic; simultaneous speeds up to 140 m/min, acceleration up to 0.5 g
  • Track designed especially for laser, grouted after alignment and levelling
  • Robust linear guides
  • Highest positioning and repetitive accuracy
  • Optimised fast process cycles
  • Real time laser power control generates the shortest hole piercing times and the finest micro-stitches
  • Infinitely rotating laser bevel head
  • Continuous bevels from -45° to +50°
  • Special nozzles for bevel cutting in Stainless Steel
  • The widest range of marking processes
  • User specific customisation on request And many more…


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LaserMat II

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